On March 3rd, my sweet husband and I celebrated ten years of being a couple! And my sweetie planned a whole weekend of surprises! I was hoping he would since I'm usually the one that plans things...and I had been leaving hints since our last anniversary that I was hoping he'd do something. I shudder known - he never disappoints.

The day started with me giving him the gifts I'd gotten for him. I had a custom-made, metal Disney watch made for him - something that he had wanted for awhile. I also got us the Beast Jacket and Belle Cape from Hot Topic, and we were able to wear them out for our fun weekend. :) Hubby told me the night before that I had to pack my suitcase and what kind of clothes I'd need to bring. We got up early on Friday and headed out.

He wouldn't tell me what we were doing, but I would have been happy doing nothing. We wound up in a sweet, historic part of a city about forty minutes away from where we live. I love going to places that are quintessential fairytale looking and are full of history. He finally told me our first stop of the day - a lovely spa house for an hour and a half couples massage session! It was seriously heaven, and something we had been talking about doing for awhile. He and I both needed it badly! It was so fun getting to be in plush robes and have complimentary drinks while letting all of ours stresses disappear Afterward; we headed out for lunch. Husband had found a restaurant that was also a piano cafe that's known for their desserts. We shared a delicious meal of smoked salmon bruschetta with tomato bisque soup, and a turkey club sandwich. Then we shared the dessert of a fruit tart, chocolate creme cake, and a cafe latte coffee.

We had some time to kill before our next stop, so we did a little shopping. We got new, light-weight jackets on clearance...and they match too. ;P I'm always excited about matching with my sweetheart. Then we were able to go to our next destination - which would up being a beautiful Bed and Breakfast! We've never stayed at a B&B before, so I was beyond excited for the new experience, as well as having a night away. Hubs picked the "East Wing" room that came with a fireplace, balcony...and the largest and most glorious soaking tub I've ever had the joy of taking a bubble bath in! The grounds had so much to explore and, we probably would have spent more time outside had it not been so cold.

We ended our night by picking up some popcorn from our favorite popcorn shoppe, and having dinner at the fanciest French restaurant ever...and it was inside an old church! We even got upgraded - for free! - to VIP seating in a private room, where we were able to enjoy some live jazz music while having the "Chef's Specialty" four-course meal. Almost a lot fo the menu made me nervous, the dishes we ate were fantastic! The desserts of tiramisu and creme brulee were equally fantastic.

The only blip in our fantastic day was when my glasses snapped in half at the end of the night. I didn't have my backup pair because, why would I assume that the one night we decide to go out of town, my glasses would break? It had happened before we went to sleep, so I didn't need them at that time...but the next morning was a bummer trying to navigate life and not being able to see (I'm legally blind without glasses). Luckily, my husband was there to be my eyes for me, so we managed until we met up with my mom for her to give me my spare pair. The breakfast at the B&B was amazing, and I was sad to leave...but I can't wait to stay in our next Bed and Breakfast. Plus, I found a Disney Winnie the Pooh inspired hunny pot and just couldn't leave without it. We always find Disney magic no matter where we go!

After my mom had saved the day by meeting us to give me my other glasses, we did a little wandering around at the mall that has our closest Disney store in it. We also picked up some of our favorite bubble tea on our way up to the final surprise of the weekend - caverns! We spent the next hour and a half dwelling 104 feet beneath the surface in some of the coolest caverns ever. Hubby was losing his mind the whole time and asked so many questions. I loved seeing him so pumped about something as cool as natural history. We got coffee on our way home to wrap up our wonderful time together. Sunday was spent at home relaxing and reminiscing about the past ten years. My husband is such a romantic and so good to me. I couldn't have planned a better celebration myself. <3