Looking back over an entire DECADE with my husband, there's one thing I know for certain - he's the love of my life. At sixteen, I used to daydream that I'd marry him. That we'd be together forever. That we'd raise a family and grow old together...and experience everything that life had to offer. I was told so many times that high school relationships don't last, that your first love wouldn't be your last, that it was foolish to think teenager romance could ever become anything more. But look at us now.

When he moved away for college, all I heard was that long distance relationships wouldn't last, that our relationship would never survive the distance...or the "new us" we'd become in college. So many people said that we'd grow apart as we started to become adults, especially because we weren't in the same state for two years. And this was during a time when Facetime on your cell phone didn't exist and high speed internet wasn't readily available for video chatting. It was almost all phone calls and text messages, with me going to Florida or him coming back to Ohio every few months to be together. But look at us now.

We were engaged at twenty and twenty-one years old and married at twenty-two and twenty-three. People said we were too young to be engaged...then that we spent too long staying engaged. We heard how dare we run off and get married when we needed to focus on other things - even though we had both finished college (husband even had his Master's Degree). But on our wedding day when we were married, all those same people who said that things would never last, were the first to say, "Finally! It's been long enough." And look at us now.

Our decade-long love story is the stuff out of books. We've done it all - and we've done it all together. I fully believe that had we met even younger, we would have always been together. He's my best friend, my one and only love, my soulmate, my life partner. We're lucky that we like the same things, feel the same way about important topics, and have common goals and dreams for what we want out of our life together. We would never be one of those annoying couples on House Hunters that don't seem to have anything in commons and makes you think, "How are you even together if you don't agree on anything!" ;P

This July will be four years of marriage and if I thought I loved my husband when we first started dating ten years ago, I love him even more now. My feelings for him and our life together...there aren't enough words in the world that could ever do them justice. For part of my anniversary gift to him, I wrote him a love note. We used to write notes to each other all the time in high school and we have a binder full of all of them saved in storage. But writing him a love note was so sentimental of where we started, where we are now, and where we're going. We will be together forever.

"Like the Beast, you create magic and beauty in my life. Like Prince Charming, you make my wishes come true. Like Naveen, you bring music and laughter into my world. Like Prince Eric, you give me the strength to continue. Like The Prince, you will always rescue me. Like Aladdin, you show me a whole new world. Like Prince Phillip, you will never let me fight my battles alone. Like John Smith, you let nothing stand in the way of our love. Like Flynn Rider, you make my life an adventure. Like Li Shang, you will always stand by my side.

You are the Mickey to my Minnie, the Walt to my Lillian. The Donald to my Daisy, the Hercules to my Megara. The Carl to my Ellie, the Mister Incredible to my Elastigirl. The Pongo to my Perdita, the Thomas O’Malley to my Duchess. The Lightning McQueen to my Sally, the Simba to my Nala. The Wall-E to my EVE, the Woody to my Bo Peep. The Tarzan to my Jane, the Buzz to my Jessie. The Peter Pan to my Wendy, the David to my Nani. The Johnny Fedora to my Alice Blue Bonnet, the Blue Umbrella to my Red Umbrella."

PS: Lava and The Blue Umbrella are two of our favorite Pixar shorts with the sweetest love stories.