Day Seven - HURRICANE MATTHEW LOCKDOWN and an evening at Disney Springs!

Our seventh day started out with us still being on lockdown because of the hurricane. We stayed in our room watching Disney cartoons, and it also provided a good chance for my husband to relax (with his prosthetic leg and all). This particular trip wound up being really hard on him physically, after everything he’s been through the past two years and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. It definitely showed us how we need to plan all our future trips accordingly.

The weather where we were never got that bad - we’ve had worse storms where we live. It was mostly overcast the day before and this day, with some light rain and light wind. After we had eaten our crazy expensive “hurricane box lunches,” we decided to walk around our resort property. We weren’t the only ones who were getting stir crazy, and we came across a lot of other guests out walking too. We stopped in the main building of the All-Star Movies Resort and saw Goofy and Max (that totally made my day!), and then went to see all the larger than life movie props at the other sections of the hotel.

By the time we got back to our rooms, the lockdown had been lifted, but since everything else was still closed, we decided to just resort hop. We went to Port Orleans French Quarters, which was my families resort that we’d stay at every time we went when I was growing up. In the P.O.F.Q. gift shop, we had a cast member sing us "happy birthday" in Chinese! My husband said "thank you" back to her in Chinese and she freaked out. She was so incredibly glad that he said something back to her in her language, that I actually thought she was going to cry. It was so sweet. We also ran into Baloo and Louie, from The Jungle Book, and Louie gave me a big hug. We visited the Art of Animation resort as well, where we explored all the oversized animated film scenes. By the time we were finished exploring the two resorts, we had found out that Disney Springs would be reopening for the evening, so we knew that was our next stop.

We wound up getting there right at 5PM and headed straight for Blaze, a new pizza shop that opened. Everyone else had the same idea as us, so there was already a wait time of thirty minutes. By the time we had finished eating our delicious pizza, the wait was TWO hours! And for the T-Rex Restaurant, the wait was SIX hours!!! I thought surely by the time you’d waited that long, Disney Springs would be closed for the evening. But we had a fun and relaxing "hurricane day" nonetheless. Definitely a once in a lifetime story! Not many people as obsessed with Disney as we are, get to say they’ve experienced a complete Walt Disney World shut down. ;P

Day Eight - All day at the Magic Kingdom!

We were finally released back into the parks, so obviously we headed back to the Magic Kingdom. It was pretty crowded since that was where everyone wanted to be after the lockdown, but it wasn’t as severe as the day we were there for the Halloween party. It was fun to go to the park with my family. We had a quick service lunch at Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland, and it was phenomenal. We had a table service dinner on our honeymoon, and we were honestly pretty disappointed with it...but we had heard it had changed in the three years since and decided to try out the lunch. It was probably some of the best food we’d had the entire trip! Except for the dessert - that was disgustingly sweet. I still have yet to be able to sit in The West Wing because it’s always full when we’re there, but I know that someday I will!

I really loved sharing my Disney knowledge and fun tips and tricks with my family during the day. We also got to check a few more things off our Disney wish list - including meeting Tinkerbell and meeting Talking Mickey! When they first introduced the concept of Talking Mickey, I was really unsure of it...but now I think all the fur characters need to blink and talk too. It’s so much more fun when you’re able to interact with them the same way you do with face characters. Another check was that I FINALLY got to ride Cinderella’s Horse on Prince Charming’s Royal Carousel! It has been my mission to try and get on her horse (the only one of the carousel that has a gold ribbon on its tail), and I usually get beaten out by a parent shoving their kid onto it before I can get there. But I kept my eye on the prize and literally leaped onto it when I saw it wasn’t taken yet. I was pretty excited! Only Disney geeks like my family and I would get the importance of this moment! Haha.

We got to join in the dance party with The Incredibles in Tomorrowland, and ended our night with dinner at Tony's Town Square Restaurant - someplace my mom was really looking forward to and had been talking about for years. We ate in the glass porch area, so we also got to watch one of the last showings of the Main Street Electrical Parade. It was pretty cool to see it from that view, but I'm sad it’s left Walt Disney World to go to Disneyland...it's the parade of my childhood! We also were able to watch the night-time water pageant show while we were waiting for the ferry back to our car, which was another thing I have always wanted to see but had not been able to until that point! It was just a day full of checking off new experiences!