Day Nine - Full day at Epcot and International Food and Wine Festival!

We started out the day with one of the meals I was looking forward to most - Ohana's Character Breakfast at the Polynesian Village Resort...because I finally met STITCH for the first time! He is one of my all time favorite Disney characters ever. We also got to meet Lilo and Pluto. We were supposed to meet Mickey as well, but because the wait time to get into the restaurant went so far past our reservation time, and we had fast pass times coming up at Epcot, and because Mickey decided to walk out of the restaurant right before he got to our table and didn’t come back...we had to leave. But it was a delicious breakfast, and meeting Stitch was everything! Plus, we got some more free birthday goodies. :)

Epcot was the park for the day, and we spent it doing more Food and Wine Festival stuff, as well as trying to ride Frozen Ever After as many times as possible. I took the best and cutest picture of my mom ever, and my husband finally got to have “the beer of his people” (a.k.a. beer from Germany). He had a lot of fun trying different drinks with my brother. We even stayed for the night time show, Illuminations, which we happened to get fast passes for. It was super cold and windy, so I didn't take any pictures. I just enjoyed the moment of being in my favorite park with my favorite people at my favorite place in the entire world.

Day Ten - Morning at Epcot and back home to Ohio!

The day we were heading home, we had plenty of time in the morning to be able to go back to one more park, so of course we went to Epcot. We stayed in Future World and did all the rides, plus had a delicious breakfast at the Sunshine Seasons quick service inside The Land’s pavilion. It has my most favorite dessert in all of Walt Disney World there!

After spending a few hours there, we decided to resort hop some more. We went to the Wilderness Resort, which is hubby’s dream resort to stay in, and then took my mom and brother to Caribbean Beach Resort so they could see where we stayed on our honeymoon. I also picked up a pin that says Caribbean Beach Resort, because I've started collecting a pin from reach resort that we stay at since we want to try and stay at every single resort at least once, for at least one night.

Sadly, we had to head back to the airport eventually. We parted ways with my brother, then grabbed dinner. The airport had Chipotle!?! We were so excited, especially because it’s one of the more faster food locations that doesn’t make us feel sick. Plus, we had to get one more vacation frappuccino from Starbucks before it was time to board the plane. Our flight was smooth, and we got home to very chilly weather! Nothing like the eighties we had gotten used to the past ten days in Florida. Hillary Clinton's plane happened to be at the airport as we landed too, which was pretty cool to see. But the best part, of course, was coming home to our little kitten, Ellie. She was so meow-y and excited when she saw us that it made me want to cry.

It was a crazy, exciting, tiring trip and was so long awaited, so needed, and so deserved. I can’t believe it’s all over already! But that just means I'm already thinking, dreaming, planning, the next one. ;) Although husband says it needs to be slower paced...so what that means to me is that it is time for our first Disney cruise!