Our sweet, new baby Ellie (or, Little Ellie, as we affectionately call her), is almost eight months old and we’ve had her for nearly half a year! Which also means it’s been that long since we lost our sweet, old baby Pippy (or, Miss Pippy, as we affectionately called her). I thought I'd share a little pet update! We laugh because, unlike Pippy, we have so many pictures and videos of Ellie's life already. She’s definitely a “technology” kid - she’s growing up in a different time than Pippy did, so we have so much documentation of her already. I do wish we had the same for Pippy because I miss her so much and already feel as if she is just a dream now. But hubby made a compilation video of her with all the footage we had, and it added up to an hour - which is better than nothing and makes me laugh and cry every time I watch it, but still...

Having a young kitten these past few months has been wild. It’s such a different life than what we had with an elderly cat. There are so many things Ellie does that reminds us of Pippy, but there are so many things she does that are so different too. I feel like I'm a new parent all over again - I don’t remember much of what it was like when we first got Pippy (because I was seven!), so I am obviously equally obsessed and stressed over everything *Ellie*. Like how she is still pretty skittish around strangers and still jumpy and nervous about new things happening in our home. We bought something call “Feliway” which is like a kitty version of essential oils and a diffuser. It says it takes about a month to really see effects and we’re coming up on a month of having it, so hopefully it’s helping? I don’t think it is, but husband says it is - of course, all I do is worry about her too, so... ;P

Ellie has some really fantastic qualities about her. She plays fetch!? Which is so crazy and so funny, especially because SHE started playing fetch with US! Se loves her little mice toys and black hair bands, which she’ll bring them to us on the couch, in bed, or wherever we are. We’ll throw them, and she goes “Superman-ing” through the air after them...or if you throw them at her, she’ll jump into the air to catch them with her paws. It’s so much fun and so cute, and we love having such an interactive way to play with her. Husband especially, because he’s so desperate to have a dog (he’s never had one, I've had two over my lifetime), so he gets a kick out of playing with Ellie that way. Even if she does wake us up super early in the morning for playtime. She’s like Pippy in the sense that she puts us to bed every night and wakes us up every morning. She’s is SO vocal, which I really love. She’s not a super cuddly right now, especially during the day...she’s not a lap cat like Pippy - yet - but it took Pippy a long time before she became one, so fingers crossed that Ellie will be! But at night she is all over us, will lay on top of us or between us, and hardly leaves the entire evening. We really love that. :)

Now that she’s older, she no longer has to wear her little green collar since we don’t “lose” her so easily in the house anymore. She also has one of those fancy chips in her shoulder that, God forbid, if she ever got lost, has all of her and our information on it. Pippy wore a collar for 18 years and she lost all the hair where it rubbed on her neck. That really bothers hubby, so Ellie will not wear one anymore.

It’s been great having her. She’s helped us more than she knows, getting us through our grief from losing Pippy, and just the general stresses of everyday life. She’s been truly a great gift, and she lives up to her name...Ellie Grace. <3