For our Disney photoshoot in July, not only did we have to find props to use for each scene, but we also had to make some too! All the props we had to make were inspired by the Disney/Pixar film UP (minus one prop from Beauty and the Beast, that was actually made for us by a friend). Almost everything we made could be purchased online, however for a much steeper cost than what we spent making them. Plus, it was fun to have a craft day with my husband!

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The first craft we made was the mailbox from UP. This was pretty straightforward and quick - we purchased a full-sized, white mailbox from Home Depot and multi-surface paint from Michael's. We picked a super sunny and warm day and laid this on the back porch. Unfortunately, I don’t have the prettiest of handwriting so I couldn’t do any fancy word art! We placed our hands in the colors of our choice (a.k.a. our favorite colors!) and put them in the mailbox, which we held in place for thirty seconds. But be careful- the handprints are a one shot only deal! It probably took us fifteen minutes to do this project, but we had to let the paint completely dry for forty-eight hours. During our photoshoot, some of the paint scratched off...so we’re going to have to touch it up and possibly find some sealant for it because we plan on using this as our actual mailbox for our future home someday!

This was actually really simple. We already had the change jar (it’s the kind that counts the money for you), although it’s not cool and antique looking like the one in the film. I used some cream colored construction paper and a fine-tipped Sharpie to write *Walt Disney World* on the front (in the film, it says *Paradise Falls*). I finished with just a little masking tape to attach it to the front, just like the movie. Ironically, like the storyline in the film, we also had to keep “breaking” into it to use the money for other “life” things. ;P

This prop was made for us by a friend for our wedding shower back in 2013...but I decided to include it anyway because it does count as a Disney craft! I don’t know about cost, but I can’t imagine it was very much. It consists of a glass dome with the wooden base, a faux red rose glued to the top of the glass with clear wire, and a few faux red rose petals glued to the wood bottom. Plus glitter! The only thing it's missing is a little light (which hubby says he would be able to add for me).

Our final project was making the Adventure Book from UP. This took the longest to figure out how to create, but we ultimately chose to go with a large, red, plain scrapbook. We then bought different colored construction paper, including brown for the “leather” look of the book. Husband used a drill to make holes on the side that I could tie a brown shoestring through on the side, which made it look like the bound-together book from the movie. I used a silver sharpie to draw the details, and we hand cut each letter for the front of it. That took forever, especially because we had to do it twice since we cut the letters too big the first time! Finally, we found a cartoon photo of a globe and, again, used the masking tape to attach it for that aged look. I'm pretty stinkin’ proud of how this turned out! It was the most time consuming to create and probably cost the most money too.

I made the first page to match what the character Ellie had written in the front of her and Carl’s Aventure Book. I simply used a fine-tipped Sharpie and copied the writing exactly as hers was in the movie. We plan on using this as an actual scrapbook too...and we'll probably fill it with Disney photos! hehe.

I had a ton of fun creating the Disney props we needed for our photo shoot and my husband really liked getting involved too. I've previous created seasonal “Mickey” wreaths, which I'll have to share in a later post, and I loved doing that. I really want to make more, and hubby says I should do commissions for them. It's something to consider! I have played with the idea of creating my own mouse ears too, but I will have to keep looking into that. While I'm not super artistic, I do like to get my craft on. All of our decorations for our Mickey and Minnie themed wedding shower we created ourselves too!

What are some of your favorite Disney crafts?