This July saw husband and I celebrating three years of marriage! It’s crazy how time flies when you’re in love. Our trip to Walt Disney World in October is in recognition of our three-year wedding anniversary, our soon to be ten-year dating anniversary, our birthdays in November, and hubs finally being healthy again!!! Did I mention he got his third promotion in a year and a half recently!?

Our friends came out from California, and we got to do a Disney inspired photoshoot for this year's pictures. Plus, a few of our standards - alway some with “The Meyer's” sign and always a few family photos with our kitty. This year was the first year we took one with Little Ellie! But I am sad that we only got two years with Miss Pippy.

I can’t wait to do more Disney inspired photoshoots in the future! Can you guess what film inspired each set? We have five sets, with two being from the same movie!