Despite how incredibly difficult 2016 has been for us, we’ve had the chance to go on a few fun Disney dates...all precursors to our much-needed and long-awaited Walt Disney World vacation in October!!!

In February, we were lucky enough to go see Disney On Ice, with this year's theme being "Let's Celebrate." I posted about it previously, but it was so enjoyable, and we had a good time...despite husband still being very sick and needing another surgery just days later.

In May, we had a wonderful time seeing the Columbus Symphony Orchestra during their "Disney Night." It was incredible and the theater it was in was sososo beautiful. However, there was singing almost the entire time - which, after awhile, annoyed me...because we went for the orchestration specifically. The singers weren’t super fantastic, but they weren’t horrible either. I loved when they played Beauty and the Beast music, of course...but I was especially excited that they played music from my second favorite princess film, Princess and the Frog!

Finally, in June, we went to our yearly Dayton Disneyana event. The past few years haven’t been as great for us because the guests have continued to be the same, which is a bummer. The stuff available to buy that we’re interested in has been slim this year we also drove down to a Disney Outlet that was near the event and found some cool items for a good price. However, we have learned about two different Disney shops in Orlando - Theme Park Connections and Disney Character Warehouse - that we’re excited to check out in October. Since we’re renting a car, we’ll be able to do that on our way to officially checking into Walt Disney World.

In between all that, there have been some great Disney movies that have come out. Zootopia was PHENOMENAL, and we already own it on Blu-ray! We recently saw Finding Dory as well, which was equally as amazing. We already like to dress like, but we try to dress for the theme of the movie we're going to see too - especially if it's a Disney movie!

Next month we get to do a Disney photoshoot for our three-year wedding anniversary! A lot of planning has gone into it and I can’t wait to share pictures! And, most importantly, I can’t wait for our Disney's just three months away now!!!