Two weeks after the loss of our baby girl Pippy Yvonne Meyer, her spirit led our hearts to a new baby to love...

Her name is Ellie Grace Meyer. Her first name is a nod towards the Disney/Pixar film UP - because, naturally, we’d name a pet after something Disney. And her middle name is Grace because she is our saving grace after how terrible the loss of Pippy was.

She was ten weeks old when we got her and weighed one pound, eight ounces. She is a tuxedo (black and white) girl and is now three months and almost three pounds. She was abandoned by her mom but was hand reared in a foster home. The day we got her was actually the first day she was available for adoption, and since we were there the second the Cat Welfare Society opened, we were able to scoop her up! She came from the same place we got Pippy from eighteen years prior!

We’ve had her for almost a month now and it’s been wonderful having a new little love, despite how much we miss our old girl. She does so many things exactly like Pippy, that we joke about Pippy coming down at night to teach her these things. But she also had things that are specifically Ellie - like her little mews and her funny stretch she does when she yawns. She is so active and has so much energy, which we are not used to because Pippy was so old! She is so confident and comfortable in our home with us, despite being very scared of strangers (something I can only hope she overcomes).

Going through the loss of Pippy and the raising of Ellie has really changed and evolved my relationship with my husband. It’s been a beautiful, heartbreaking, exciting experience...and makes me excited to have human babies with him someday!

I like to visit Pippy's grave every morning and say to her, “Thank you for loving us so much that we are able to love another.” We believe one hundred percent that our Pippy girl leads our Ellie girl to us. I was so scared to get a new kitten because I didn’t think another cat would love me like Pippy did. But I couldn’t have picked out a better new baby myself...and I didn’t, because Pippy did.

PS: Her tag on Instagram is #littleelliemeyer if you want to follow along!