We went to Disney On Ice in February and this year's show was called “Let’s Celebrate”!

It was an early anniversary date, plus a, “Hooray, you’re out of the hospital!” date too. Despite the fact that we were out for only three hours, it took its toll on hubby, and he wound up needing to get another procedure done a few days later. We still had a fun time. We had bought these tickets last August, and it’s one of our favorite things to do each year (as well as try and catch any Disney musicals that come through town - fingers crossed that Aladdin is coming here soon!).

Our next Disney date is to see to “Disney Night” performed by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra in March!

This show was a lot better than the one we saw two years ago (we didn’t see any last year because husband was in the hospital the first time when it came through). It revolved around the seasons and each holiday that comes with it, so there was spring festivals, beach parties, Halloween, and Christmas. They used SO many cool and rare characters that you don’t get to see out and about often - like Nani and David from Lilo and stitch! We missed the opening number by literally two minutes because of parking (don’t even get me started on that mess!), which is a bummer, but I heard the music, and it was “Be Our Guest.”

We had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t spend a lot of money because of medical bills and our Disney trip in October, but I did grab a program and coloring book - I always have to get one of both at any show we go to - that came with a free (but pretty cheap quality) mouse ear hat. We did have to pick up the excellent, huge Stitch in his space suit figure, though! He’s one of my favorite characters, so I was very happy to come home with that. I have a mini version that I snagged in a blind box too, so they’re happily sitting together on a self in our Disney room now.

My camera is pretty amazing at getting great photos, no matter the setting, but this year's show threw my camera off a lot. They would go between black light and spot lights so much that a lot of my photos were blurry or, when the characters had a lot of white on, were washed out. Anyway, here’s the best of what I got! Let’s just say I enjoyed myself more than taking pictures. ;P