Disney has been such an amazing part of my life whole life! My nursery when I was born was Disney. Many, many birthday parties were Disney themed. I had Disney books, toys, movies, C.D.'s, video games, coloring books, etc. It’s always been my “thing” (probably because it was always my parent’s “thing” - after all, their honeymoon was also to Walt Disney World!).
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I'm so excited that husband and I are finally taking another trip to our happy place - Walt Disney World! Ten days in OCTOBER 2016, to experience the fall decor, the Halloween party, and the Food and Wine Festival (all things we haven’t had a chance to be a part of yet). We’re going to celebrate what will be three years of marriage, what will be almost ten years of being together, and our almost birthdays (November 1st for him, November 9th for me). I am sososo excited. 2015 has been such a rough year for us, health-wise, financially, job-wise (for me - hubby finally landed a full-time job that he loves and gets to use his Master's Degree!). I already have our entire vacation planned out. I know where we’re going to be eating, what our fast pass reservations are going to be, what our Halloween costumes are...! I am so excited!!! And it’s still a year away! We’re staying in at the All-Star Movies Resort and flying down, but will be renting a car when we’re there (it’s easier with hubs prosthesis and all). There’s a whole world waiting for us.

In honor of our return to the Most Magical Place On Earth, I thought it’d be fun to share photos from all the trips I've been so lucky to able to take to W.D.W. in my lifetime. My family always liked to go at the end of summer, and we always stayed at Port Orleans French Quarters. After 1999, we didn’t return again for ten years, but that’s when husband (then, boyfriend) started coming along for trips!

After 2011, we didn’t return again until our honeymoon in July 2013 - which you can check out hereherehere, and here. A year later, we were so lucky to get to take our very first trip to Disneyland in May 2014, which you can see herehere, and here. We're hoping to make another trip to Disneyland again in a few years and really spend a good chunk of time there. Of course, we still have our sights on someday doing Disney cruises, visiting Aulani in Hawaii, and checking out all the international parks as well (Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai).

What are some of your best Disney memories?




MAY 2009


MARCH 2011


  1. Amazing all the memories. So much changes so fast. I am so glad we can make memories and document them. Our kids will love our Disney home movies someday. =)

    1. Me too my sweet hunny! :) Our kids are in for it! <3 Can’t wait for next year!


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