On March 3rd of this year, husband and I celebrated EIGHT years of being together. I was sick the whole week, so we weren’t able to actually celebrate on the day of. We’ve still got a date waiting for us to make up for it, though...and I'm hoping for sushi. :)

It’s crazy to think of how fast time flies. I can remember the firs day we ever saw each other. He and a few other kids randomly sat down at my lunch table one day in December of my freshman, his sophomore year. He kept staring at me, and I thought it was so strange - haha! Then, when I got home that evening, he had searched for me on MySpace and sent me a friend request! We didn’t really talk much until the following fall when we went to homecoming separately, but he asked me to dance to one of the slow songs with him. I was so scared he was going to kiss me that I wouldn’t look at him. We slowly started talking more, mostly online but eventually on the phone. I wound up going to a youth group event at the church he was going to to see him playing his beloved drums on the stage. That was in February of my sophomore, his junior year. We were really flirty that night, and I even had a picture taken with him. ;P

After that night, we went on a date to the movies (because that’s what you do when you’re a teenager). We saw the film Ghost Rider. I don’t remember what we did before or after that, though...I just remember being really freaked out again that he was going to kiss me. I can’t even put into words how NERVOUS he made me! Before we started dating, every time we’d see each other at school, I'd get all anxious and not be able to look at him or talk to him. I remember him walking me to class one time and asked if he could get a hug, so I like, kind of side-hugged him then ran into the classroom! And another time when we were together in a class seeing a guest speaker, he sat at the desk beside me, and I had to hide behind my books.

The night he asked me to be his girlfriend, he told me to make a wish on the first star I saw and that he’d try to make it come true. Of course, I hoped for him to “ask me out”! and he did. :) That was in 2007, and we’ve been on such an amazing and beautiful ride since thing. It seems like those kids from high school wasn't even us. I wanted so so so badly to have a high school sweetheart - and I got him! I can’t imagine doing this life with anyone else. He is my entire heart, and I absolutely adore him. I am very very very lucky and grateful woman. :)

Here’s to many many many more years with my wonderful husband! Our two year wedding anniversary is coming up quickly, in July!