At the end of July, husband and I embarked on whirlwind twenty-four hours to Orlando, Florida. We headed there with the prospects of being cast members at Walt Disney World. We had HIGH hopes for these interview that we had both managed to get on the same day at the same time. Disney is our life, and we were ready to begin our Disney careers, to have our own place…to get our lives started! But it was not meant to be and we were brokenhearted for a long time. I cried the entire first day that we heard back from Disney. We just kept thinking WHY?

What made it so hard on us was that we have been struggling, and still continue to struggle, with securing some kind of full time work (preferably in our degree fields). We thought this was finally our chance! Finally it was our time to get some good news in our life. We were SO ready…or, we thought we were. Until we got the emails that said what we absolutely feared hearing. But, what made us feel better was the idea of the fact that it wasn’t a no forever, it was just a no right now. It wasn’t meant to be...for now. We also find comfort in the saying that it’s in God’s time, not ours. We one hundred percent throw ourselves into anything we do, whether that be looking for work or, when the time comes, the work itself. But there’s only so far you can go and so much you can do (such as us flying from Ohio to Florida to have in-person interviews that only lasted fifteen minutes) before it’s all in the hands of others. While we don’t like that we’re still “stuck” in life right now, there was a reason for what happened and at some point, that reason will be revealed.

I thought I’d share a few photos I took on my phone from our quick trip. We landed in Florida in the evening, met up with one of our friends, had Earl of Sandwich for dinner in Downtown Disney, and walked around the updated shops. Then crashed at our Disney hotel for the night - the All-Star Music Resort, which we hadn't stayed out yet. The next morning we had a crazy Disney breakfast at a fancy Disney resort, then we resort hopped to different hotels we’d never seen before - and one we had! The Wilderness Lodge, the Polynesian Resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Art of Animation Resort and Port Orleans: French Quarters (the hotel my family stayed at every time we went to WDW during my childhood). We also drove around Celebration, Florida, some place we'd love to live in someday. ;)

Although our interviews didn’t turn out how we really wanted them do, we will NEVER give up on our Disney dreams. And although our twenty-four hours in Walt Disney World cost us money we certainly don’t have at this point, we loved our random little trip. :D

Of course, we had our interviews too. But they didn’t last as long as we’d expected them to, so we had a lot more time on our hands before we had to get to the airport. Right after our interviews, we found ourselves back at Downtown Disney, eating lunch at Earl of Sandwich again. We also got an “anniversary” discount at Starbucks because we wore “Happy Anniversary!” and “We’re Celebrating!” pins the entire time we were there. We also had our first experience with Magic Bands - they were awesome, despite the fact that we didn’t even use them in the parks because we certainly couldn’t afford to pay for park tickets. ;P

PS: That last picture is a very blurry shot of us watching fireworks from our airplane! Such a cool experience - we think they were coming from Epcot!


  1. O boo i loved your little trip, i was a dream. And you are right, we will never give up on our dreams!

    1. oh, it was fun! our dreams will only continue to get bigger and better!


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