Day Three - Back to the Magic Kingdom!

Our last day was spent in the Magic Kingdom again. We were all pretty tired at this point because the heat does make you exhausted. Also, I was covered in some weird allergic reaction or heat rash - tiny, red itchy bumps that were on my face, ears, neck, chest and arms. We’re not sure what caused it, but it was super annoying!

We got some Starbucks coffee when we first got there - a little special treat hubby likes to do whenever we're at a Disney park. We started out in Tomorrowland since we didn’t get to do that land our first day. We went on Autopia (similar to the ride at Walt Disney World but different name), but we did not get to ride the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage because it was closed. We took the monorail loop, which was fun because it's so different from WDW's…you can still ride in the front at Disneyland, and they have windows that open in the cabs. We were reluctant to go on Space Mountain because the one at the World is pretty rough - but we’d already done all the other mountains and couldn’t not do the last Disneyland mountain. Holy cow, it was FANTASTIC! First, the cars are different from the ones at Walt Disney World, and there were so much more LED lights around the inside making it look like outer space (the one at WDW doesn’t have any lights at all, it’s practically pitch black). And the track was so so so smooth, it was fantastic! We wound up riding it a few more times because we loved it so much!

We hit all of our must-do rides whenever we're in a Magic Kingdom park: The train around the park, the Haunted Mansion, and all the Mountains. This day we had some quick service lunch since we’d had two excellent meals already. As we were leaving the park, we stopped to see the Disneyland Story - Great Moments with Mister Lincoln, which was pretty great. I really loved being able to see all of the really unique things at Disneyland that Walt touched. Mister Lincoln, Autopia, the Fire Station, the Petrified Tree that Walt gave his wife as an anniversary gift. :)

In conclusion, I have to say - Disneyland is vastly different from Walt Disney World. It’s tiny and compact, Sleeping Beauty Castle doesn’t have quite the same wow factor that Cinderella Castle does. But it does have different rides, Walter actually lived and breathed in that park, and there’s a more relaxed feeling there than at Walt Disney World. I loved Disneyland, and I loved being able to be there - finally! I love both parks for different reasons, and they’re both perfect in their own way...but, I do have to admit, I love WDW better and it's my "home"! It was the first park I'd ever gone to and the first one that showed the Magic of a Disney lifestyle. It will always be first in my heart! 

PS: To all those people who act like Disneyland is the best park in the world because Walter was actually there for it…then I'll leave you with this story: At the opening of Walt Disney World, someone made a comment to Roy O. Disney, “It's a shame that Walt wasn’t here to see this.” To which Roy replied, “He did see it, that’s why it’s here!” And Walt actually did walk the grounds that would become WDW. There's photos to prove it!