Day's Six, Seven, Eight - Disneyland for the first time ever!

Make sure to check out my seperate Disneyland posts for all the fun details and great pictures from our first ever visit! Disneyland is a special place all its own, and I'm so glad we finally got to experience it. I can't wait to go back someday! There's so much more left to discover!

Day's Nine & Ten - Relaxing at the hotel and visiting Griffith Park!

Monday through Wednesday was spent at Disneyland, which I'll be posting about in a separate series. Thursday and Friday were our last two days in Los Angeles, and we were leaving bright and early that Saturday. Thursday was a lazy day. After three long days at Disneyland in 100-degree heat, we took our time on Thursday to just relax. I also had gotten either an awful allergic reaction to the sunscreen we had or just horrible heat rash, but I was covered on my face, head, ears, neck, chest, arms and hand with this really itchy red bumps. After we had breakfast at our hotel, we tried to track down some Disney Stores near our hotel - which we found one but the entire store was for really disappointed me. Then we made our way to Griffith Park. This time we were able to explore it because it was during the week and not busy. We also drove around Glendale and Burbank again, taking in all the sights each city had to offer. We went up on Mulholland Drive and we ate dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse.

On Friday, it was another slow day. We took in all that California had to offer. We went to this amazing outdoor shopping plaza, The Americana at The Brand. It was so fancy. We finally got sushi for lunch, took some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory back to our hotel and that evening we had Chinese for dinner. We really didn’t do too much except for driving around look at stuff and hanging out at our hotel. By this day, we were thoroughly exhausted for our trip and ready to get our cat, of course! There were things we had wanted to do while we were out there that we didn't get to do, but that just means more things to look forward to the next time we get around to going to California again!

Day Eleven - Traveling back home

We left bright and early Saturday. We almost missed our first flight because the bus took forever to get us to the airport and then the lines were INSANE through security. My husband got to go through the fast lane because of his prosthetic leg (they make him take it off and search him, and it just takes a really long time) and my mom got prescreening but I wasn’t allowed to go with either my mom or my husband, so I had to wait in the super long security line. My mom waited with me instead of going through the fast line so I wouldn’t be standing there alone. Hubby got through before either of us so he got to the plane, saved our seats and made it right before they shut the door for the plane to take off. I was a nervous wreck! The rest of the trip went pretty smooth. We had a layover in Denver, grabbed some breakfast sandwiches quickly and got on our next plane. We finally made it home in the early evening, and our cat FREAKED out when she saw us. It was a happy moment. :)

Thanks for a great time, California! We will definitely be back!