Day Four - Hollywood Boulevard, In 'N' Out Burger, and Universal Studios Citywalk

Saturday was our third day in Los Angeles. We started the morning bright and early at Hollywood Boulevard. We spent about an hour and a half going around The Walk of Fame...searching for all of the Disney-related stars, of course. We also saw the Chinese Theater and the El Capitan Theater. We went to the Disney Store that is attached to the theater. Hollywood Boulevard is also where all the people who dress up as characters/celebrities are and, I have to be honest, they made me really uncomfortable. They totally invade your personal space and try to get you to have a conversation with them so they can get you to take a picture of them and then charge you! It was weird.

Our best friends that moved to California in April came down to spend the day with us. We walked around, visited the Hollywood Museum (when we’d seen on the show “Mysteries at the Museum”), walked by the Hollywood High School - where they filmed Grease! - and had lunch at In 'N' Out Burger. We then decided to go to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive next and we passed some really gorgeous houses on the way! After we had spent a few hours there, we headed to Griffith Park, but they were having some kind of concert that evening, so the entire place was filled up and they wouldn't let us in. So we went to the Universal Studio's CityWalk (similar to Downtown Disney) since it was close by and had restaurants.

When we flew out to California, our plan was to get magnificent food that Cali is known for - seafood, Chinese, Mexican. That night we decided to do Mexican, since our friends like it as well. However, I don’t think the Mexican restaurant we ate at could have been any worse. It was SO GROSS and disappointing. It was super cold that night and prom was happening at Universal Studio's Citywalk as well, so we spent a few more hours talking and hanging out and then parted ways.

Day Five - Family time at the Pacific Ocean and Downtown Disney (California edition!)

On Sunday, we met up with our family again. We drove down to where they lived near Anaheim and spent the morning/afternoon with them. They showed us around their amazingly picture-perfect town on the beach, we spent some time wandering around on the pier, got some shaved ice with the kids and made our way back to their house for a cookout. It was nice to spend another day with them after not seeing them for so many years. While the kids were standoffish the first night we spent with them, they definitely seemed to enjoy our company this time and we loved being with them. And because they were so close to Anaheim, where Disneyland is, after we said goodbye we headed to Downtown Disney for the evening. We shopped around (it’s much smaller than the one in Orlando!) and had dinner at Earl of Sandwich - a restaurant I wanted to eat at on our Disneymoon, but we’d ran out of time. We had the chicken bacon avocado wrap, the Earl club, and the Italian sandwich. It was tasty!