Los Angeles, California! A brand new state where new adventures await.

Day One - All day traveling and arriving in a new city!

The night we arrived, Wednesday, May 7th, we didn’t get to our hotel until 11PM. We were hoping to be able to grab something to eat, but we were unfamiliar with the area and what the hours were with anything, so we wound up just going to bed. Exhausted and famished (the last time we’d had an actual meal was at our airport at 4PM, before our first flight left). It always seemed like California was so far away - and it it - but even the plane ride sounded long. However, I have to say it wasn’t too bad in all actuality. We brought things to read, and a laptop and some movies to watch, which helped pass the time.

Day Two - Our first day in the City of Angels!

The next morning, Thursday, was our first full day there. We woke up bright and early and our first stop was The Walt Disney Company. Since we weren’t employees or invited guests, we weren’t allowed to go inside the gates, but we certainly drove around the outside of it about fifteen times. It was so awesome to see it in person! I could only imagine what it’d be like to be inside the gates - I hope someday I get to experience that!

After that, we explored the North Hollywood, Burbank, and Glendale areas. Our hotel was in the Glendale area, so we decide to go to the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery (which was practically overlooking our hotel) to find Walt Disney's grave - or, his memorial, since he was cremated. I love cemeteries, and Forest Lawn did not disappoint! It was enormous. The front gate person told us a lot of celebrities are buried there but they obviously can’t tell you where to find them because that’s private information. But we had no problem finding Walt's memorial. I was so emotional and overwhelmed standing in front of the plaque that said Walter Elias Disney. But I said the whole rest of the trip that I have now officially "met" Walter, my hero!

We went out to Venice Beach that afternoon. People kept telling us that we'd have culture shock when we got to California...but we didn’t. It’s just another city, albeit a lot bigger and a lot warmer than what we’re used to. It really wasn’t as scary and different as people made it out to see, however, Venice Beach is another story. That was the one, and only time any of us actually got culture shock. We first visited the beach because it was the first time we’d ever seen the Pacific Ocean, but we only stayed at the Boardwalk Park for a few minutes before deciding it wasn’t our thing and left. We did appreciate how they let us park for free since my husband had his handicap sticker for the car! This was also the one and only day we got stuck in the famous LA traffic, and we were on the highway from Venice Beach to our hotel for probably two hours. After we got back to our hotel, we ordered room service for dinner since we’d never done that before! It was exciting and the food was surprisingly good - we had crab cakes, pot stickers, and California club sandwiches.

Day Three - Los Angeles History Museum and meeting up with family!

Friday was our second full day, so we decided to go to the Los Angeles History Museum. I am a sucker for museums and anything having to do with history, so this was a must for us. We happened to pick a day that all of the local school districts were field tripping and the lady at the front desk told us that there were over 3000 people in the museum! Crazy! We still had fun exploring and seeing all of the history stuff, especially the stuff pertaining specifically to LA - including items about Walt Disney!

After we had spent a few hours there, we drove around the actual city of Los Angeles. We made sure to go buy the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which was GORGEOUS and just enjoy sightseeing in the city. We met up with some of husband’s family that lives in California that evening at LA Live. we hadn’t seen them in forever, so it was good to reconnect. We ate at Wolfgang Pucks restaurant, where we had calamari, chicken sandwich and fries, turkey burger and sweet potato fries, and risotto. We also got cheesecake for dessert! Then we went bowling with our family, where we were given as many games we wanted for free and ordered more food. The littlest one ultimately won at bowling, and we had so much fun being all-together.