March 3rd marks SEVEN years that hubby and I have been “officially” together. It was a sweet anniversary, as it was our first as a married couple.

We don’t spend much money now because we’re saving and preparing for the big things we want to happen for us. But we did get a chance to celebrate our seven years together by going to the Disney On Ice ~ Princesses and Heroes show! Then we had an early lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Brio.

I will say, the title “Princesses and Heroes” was a bit misleading. There was hardly any male counterpart to the females in the show, and when they were, it was just at the end of the love song. Also, for some characters - like Aladdin - they did the “whole” story, and for others - like Tiana (Princess and the Frog) - they only did about five minutes of the story. In the case of Belle (Beauty and the Beast), they only did the “Be Our Guest” song, and the Beast was not present AT ALL! But for Ariel (The Little Mermaid), they did her ENTIRE story. She had at least twenty minutes on the ice when princesses like Snow White or cinderella had only about five minutes. I'm really getting tired of Ariel being on EVERYTHING and being EVERYWHERE. There are other princesses that are just as good, if not better, but everything lately has been about The Little Mermaid! Also, they obviously didn’t include princesses like Mulan or Pocahontas...because they never get included. As I said, the only two “action/hero” portions of the show were Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty because otherwise, it wasn’t very “hero-y” at all.” I was kind of disappointed in that.

Hubby had never been to Disney On Ice, so I was excited for him to get to have this new Disney experience. I have been a few times, but each show is different, so it’s always new to me. I am so glad we were able to go to the show this year - it was a nice way to celebrate our anniversary. I hope we’ll be able to make Disney On Ice a tradition for us.