Day Ten - Final day of our Disneymoon at the Magic Kingdom!

Our last and final day in Walt Disney World was spent at the Magic Kingdom! We got up bright and early and made it to the park as quickly as possible. Luckily, it wound up being a really nice day, so we got to do the entire park! The first thing we did, after getting the largest coffee ever from the new Starbucks on Main Street USA, was to check out the Enchanted Tiki Room. Neither of us had ever seen it and hubs is obsessed with the song, so we made sure that was the first thing we did! The look on his face while we were in there made the entire trip worth it. He was so cute and looked like a little kid that was seeing Cinderella Castle for the first time. We did all our favorites - Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion...before going on Country Bear Jamboree for the first time. It was incredible to see another Disney show we hadn’t seen before, and we got to sit in the front row. We had lunch at the Columbia Harbor House and, and I tried my best not to cry knowing it was our last day.

We got on Splash Mountain just as it started to rain, so our ride photo is of us in our ponchos…being on a water ride in the rain was funny. We also did Big Thunder Mountain and then made our way into Fantasyland. The usual took place here with It's A Small World, Peter Pan...and then we rode the carousel! I love carousels, it was always a “must do” for my mom, so I have good memories of associating them with her. I tried my hardest to get Cinderella’s horse, and I was ONE HORSE away from it before a dad jumped in front of me and shoved his daughter on. I was so frustrated because I know he saw me going for it - but I also wasn’t going to be banned for life for pushing a kid off a horse. ;P We went into the new Fantasyland and finally made it to the circus section, where we got to check out the remodeled Dumbo ride (we had a crazy amount of fun on it) and The Great Goofini roller coaster ride. Somehow we got on that creepy, lonesome sidewalk that connects Fantasyland to Tomorrowland…it’s really strange because it’s like your all by yourself completely removed from the rest of the park. We did all the good rides in Tomorrowland - Space Mountain, Wedway People Mover, the Carousel of Progress, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor - before we needed to make our way back to Fantasyland for dinner. On the way, we stopped and did the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway and even though it was dumb (because it’s on a track and the cars go so slow, and the steering wheel is the hardest thing in the world to turn), I couldn’t stop laughing as hubby narrated “the race” from the passengers seat.

As our magical send-off, we waited until the very last night to have dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant! I was hoping we’d get seating in The West Wing, but we got the Grand Ballroom instead. And it was everything I could have ever hoped it to be! Disney went above and beyond in creating Beast’s Castle, and it was like living out my dream to experience my favorite fairytale in person. We got excellent specialty drinks in souvenir cups “compliments of Cosworth” and our host, the Beast, walked right by our table and bowed to me! Of our entire time on our honeymoon, this was the one restaurant in which we didn’t get an appetizer. We decided the amazing bread and special drinks were enough. For dinner, I had the ratatouille (something I was so excited to try because it’s one of my favorite Pixar films!) but I really didn’t enjoy it. It was entirely vegan - something Be Our Guest is proud of - and, as much as I like veggies, I didn’t enjoy having my entire entree be just that. Hubby got sauteed shrimp, which came out in almost a pot pie kind of style. To be honest, in comparison to the amazingness that the restaurant itself was, the food wasn’t that spectacular. I was really expecting a lot more, food wise. But that’s not to say I was disappointed - I wasn’t at all, only because I was literally living inside Beauty and the Beast! As our meal came to a close, we were surprised with the “gray stuff”! They only give it out on special occasions, and I think honeymoons are a pretty special event. ;)

After dinner in the Grand Ballroom, we got to wander around The West Wing (to die for!) and The “Music” Room, I guess it’d be called. It had some amazing artwork of Belle and the Beast, as well as other BATB characters, that weren’t just scenes taken from the film but actually other “moments in time.” After dinner, we waited in the Library to meet the Beast. I was so flustered to see him - it was only the second time I have gotten to meet him; the first time being when I randomly wandered upon him in the France Pavilion at Epcot in 2009. I told him how we had just gotten married and our wedding was BATB themed, and he gave me a big hug. After that, he bowed to us, to which hubby and I reciprocated. It was so much fun. As we were leaving the castle, we checked out the whispering knights and got a picture in front of the stained glass. By the time we finished eating, it was relatively late, and since we’d already seen the parade/projection/firework show and were just so tired from a whirlwind ten days, we decided to call it a night. We got a picture in front of Cinderella castle just as the sun had gone down, then I tearily said goodbye to my happy place. Hubby just hugged me and promised this was only the first in many future adventures to Disney. I sure did marry the right guy. The last pictures we took were that of our seats on the bus - we sat in the same two seats the entire honeymoon.

Day Eleven - Back to real life! :(

We had a lazy morning and then headed home! Since we had already started packing a few days ahead of time and had shipped home everything else the day before, we only had a few more things to pack up. We got our favorite ever blueberry muffins for breakfast at our resort food court, then had to make our way to Customs House to catch the Magical Express to the airport. I joked with hubby that the Magical Express wasn’t so magical going home. But we made it to the airport, flew home safely and, even though we were broken hearted to no longer be in Disney, we were so happy to be home again. It was truly the most magical honeymoon in the entire world, and I can’t imagine us having to go anywhere else - nowhere else would have seemed right. I can’t thank my husband enough for allowing me to live out a dream and for being the most amazing man he is and enjoying it just as much as I did!


  1. I loved every moment of our honeymoon, i just wish we could run away and explore the world. No worries no nothin' just you and me. =)

    p.s. it was so rainy the last day...

    1. Me too, that sounds like the most wonderful thing. And yes it was. :) Love you!


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