Day Seven - Slow morning and an evening at Animal Kingdom!

We had another lazy morning and then spent our evening at Animal Kingdom! It was kind of a gloomy day, so we slept in and had breakfast at our resort. We stayed asleep so long in our room that we missed mousekeeping for the day! We were having dinner at Animal Kingdom, and since that park is only a half day park, we waited to go until later. Once we got there went right onto the Dinosaur ride and explored Chester and Hester's Dino-rama! We rode the Time Machine roller coaster and Triceratops Spin. We made it onto Expedition Everest and rode it three times right before it rained, then ran in the pouring rain to our dinner at Yak and Yeti Restaurant. 

We were so excited to eat dinner there - we have been having less than delicious Asian cuisine for quite awhile and were anxious to have “authentically” Disney Asian. But, because of who owned the restaurant, the food was just okay (the same people who own Yak and Yeti own T-Rex Restaurant and Rainforest Cafe - and we think the food is gross at both of those places, so it's not surprising that we were disappointed here too). We ordered a lot of things, including spring rolls and lettuce wraps, sweet and sour chicken andwe can’t even remember what hubby had. But we were cold from the rain, had just okay food and had to eat the entire meal while being THISCLOSE to a table that had a bratty, screaming four-year-old. The whole restaurant consistently dirty eyed that table and we were embarrassed to be so close to them, especially because they never bothered to do anything about the child the entire time they were there (which was almost as long as we were there).

After dinner and on our way out of the park, we met a nice old lady who was a cast member and from Germany (which, of course, husband loved). She talked to us for about fifteen minutes and gave us the sweetest and most loving advice about marriage! I love special moments like that with Disney cast members - that's what adds to the magic of Disney. Finally, we used this evening as a chance to slowly start packing up to head home and to just enjoy being together.

Day Eight - Split day between Epcot and Hollywood Studios

We certainly tried to get as much time in at our favorite park, so we spent the morning and afternoon at Epcot! We just ran around doing all the things that we love and make us happy - Spaceship Earth, Test Track, Living With The Land, Soarin’, and the Maelstrom ride. Norway, Morocco, and England are my favorite pavillions to spend time in. Germany is obviously hubby’s. We also went on The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride and checked out the aquarium - it was so awesome! We got to see dolphin training and it was adorable. We left Epcot in the early afternoon to head to Hollywood Studios. We had to laugh because the bus stop to get from Epcot to Hollywood Studios was out in the middle of nowhere (way out in the middle of the parking lot), in the blazing sun, and we were the only two people waiting for it for about thirty minutes. We felt like we were stranded but had fun joking about it.

We made it to Hollywood Studios and did all the good rides there - Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and Toy Story Midway Mania - I can’t believe we’d never been on it! I love Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, but had never really paid attention to Toy Story Midway Mania because I thought it was too similarbut I actually prefer it more now! We got in early at the Hollywood Brown Derby, where we had the Fantasmic! Meal Package. It’s a good thing we got in early too, because the daily rain came while we were eating. The Hollywood Brown Derby was hands down one of our most favorite meals while we were on our honeymoon - we both still rave about it to this day! We had a fun appetizer of prawn and grits, and of course the amazing bread that all the Disney restaurant served. Then I got a chicken dish and hubs got a duck dish and we finished our meal with a cappuccino and mixed berry cobbler. Our table was sprinkled in star-shaped and Mickey-shaped confetti when we got there since we were honeymooners!

After dinner, we rode Tower of Terror three more times. And because of the meal package we had, we had reserved seating for the Fantasmic show, so we didn’t have to worry about lining up early to get a good spot. We hopped in line about an hour before the show to go get our seats. One of the things that Disney is horrible at is lines - for some reason, even if they have great lines to start out with, they wind up bottle necking everyone at the end. I can’t tell you how many items we were pushed and shoved by people trying to rush into the Fantasmic amphitheater. On our way to our seats, after asking the fifth cast member to tell us where to sit, I almost got elbowed in the face by a woman. I had tried to keep my cool up to this point with all the rude Disney guests, but I had had enough and let her have it! To be honest, I was quite proud of myself afterward. Especially because she was just so disrespectful and rude and she didnt deserve to get away with it. Of course, she never did apologize, but she at least knows her behavior was unacceptable!

We got our seats right in the middle of the arena and enjoyed the preshow, then finally after almost fourteen years for me and four years for hubby, we got to watch Fantasmic! It has always been one of my favorite Disney shows, but I don’t remember them using so much projection. Of course, I had been nine the last time I saw it, so who knows!? I laughed and cheered and, as usual, got teary eyed watching it. When it was over, we got out far quicker than it took to get in, and went and rode Rock ’N’ Roller Coaster one more time and Tower of Terror three more times. That’s where we interacted with one of the best cast members the whole time! The first few times we were there, she scared the crap out of me by coming up right behind me when I wasn’t paying attention and whispering “congratulations” in my ear. After we were getting off the ride the second time, we were pulled aside and asked by a cast member if we wanted to go on again and bypass all the lines because we were on our honeymoon. Of course we said yes, so she took us the back way through the hotel/ride and we came out right in front of everybody else that was waiting.

Wouldn't you know it, the elevator we were to get in line for was the scary girl (I so wish I could remember her name!). She creepy stared at us then announced that because we were newlyweds, she was going to give us our own private elevator to take us to our room. I joked back with her by telling her that we got married on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth year, so we weren’t scared of the number thirteen. Of course, she creepy stared at me. She really was an amazing cast member and so perfectly in character. And yes, you read that right, we got our OWN ELEVATOR on the Tower of Terror! Let me tell you, that ride is scary enough without being the only two on the ride, and it being at night. It was by far one of the best experiences we’ve ever had at Disney and one of our favorite memories. As we waited for the doors to open for us to get out, we decided to make scary faces to scare the cast member (they usually stands behind the doors to scare the riders)...she jumped in frighten us, but we were ready! And it turned out to be the scary girl! Then I shouted, “We were the only ones to make it back!” to which she replied, “That happens sometimes.” As we were running down the hallway to see our picture, we had some guy yell at us angrily and ask how we got our own elevator, and we just pointed to our hats and kept going! It was so much fun.

After screaming our lungs out, we slowly made our way out of the park by exploring all the gift shops. We found a lot of jack skellington stuff but not that much villains stuff in a store that was supposed to be all villains stuff, which made me sad. Hubby was annoyed, too, because, as he pointed out, Jack isn’t even a villain in his movie. We had such a fun night at Hollywood Studios but, I'm not going to lie, we loved coming back to our hotel room for that king sized bed we had! It was a posterpedic and was the most heavenly bed I'd ever laid in. And I'm always amazed to sleep in king size beds because of how enormous they are. Husband and i are both crazy sleepers - we like to spread out and have a bunch of pillows and just take up more space than is probably necessary. So having a king bed where both of us could do that and not bother the other person was awesome! I will admit, though, I did wake up a couple times throughout our honeymoon and reach over to make sure hubby was still there, just because it felt like I was alone!

Day Nine - All day at Epcot

What is there to say about another day at Epcot! We love spending our time there. It’s so classically Disney without being over the top. After doing our usual rounds in Future World, it was time to do the other half of our "Eating Around The World” World Showcase Pavilions. We started in Canada, where we got sweet potato chips as our food. After looking around for a bit, we moved on to England. We explored up and down in England and decided to invest some money into a really awesome Disney keepsake - getting our family seal made! We got the one that had both husbands last name and my maiden last name, then a banner at the top that said “13th of July” and a bottom banner that said “2013”. We just received it in the mail about a week ago (it took about twelve weeks for it to be made, as it was hand-stitched in Ireland!) but it was so worth the investment to have such an amazing piece of our family history. We’re both really getting into genealogy, and I've always been a history buff, so it holds sentimental value since we got it on our honeymoon. After we made that purchase, our food item was fish and chips! It was my first time ever having fish and chips and was so delicious. We also happened to be in the England pavilion when it was announced that Princess Kate had her baby! which, naturally, i was excited about since I'm obsessed with the royals.

After England came France, where we looked around the gift shops but were less than satisfied. We got fresh berry ice cream to share but the scoop was so big and it was so warm out, that we had only got through half before we had to throw it away because it had melted. After France was Morocco...where we got falafel! Neither of us had had it before and the cast member said it was similar to gyros, so we gave it a try...and it was gross. But it was certainly fun to try something different! Our last stop was Japan, where we explored their amazingly large souvenir shop and picked up gummy candy. We had officially bought a piece of “authentic” food from every pavilion and a souvenir from every pavilion as well. Since we haven’t ever taken the time to watch the films that are shown in the pavilions, and didn’t feel like doing so on this trip, we went back to the lands building and watched the Circle of Life film and rode Living With The Land and Soarin’ before dinnertime.

We had a character meal at the Garden Grill - a first time for either of us eating there. It was so fun because the restaurant spins in a circle and you get to see a birds eye view of the LWTL ride. Also, almost all the ingredients are fresh and from the gardens of Living With The Lands! Since it was a family style restaurant, we didn’t have a choice in our food. Instead, they brought us out one of the most amazing salads I've ever had as an appetizer. Then we had a meal of beef, turkey and fish with sides. All was delicious and happened while Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Mickey made their way around. Dale was first and was so much fun to interact with and so cuddly! Chip came after and hubby definitely enjoyed being “one of the boys” with him. Next was Pluto, and I told him he smelled like baby powder to which he “told” us he showers in. Then I told him how good of a puppy he was and he licked me AND licked my wedding rings. Last but not least was Mickey! I just get so worked up over meeting him. When we came to our table, I finally got the courage to tell him how nervous he made me because he’s my favorite character of all time, and he blushed and got all embarrassed, and he congratulated husband on our marriage. Just as we were finishing our dessert, Dale came back around and got behind us and made the heart shape with his hands and our waiter took a picture of us. Afterwards, we made a pitstop at Spaceship Earth AGAIN, then hubby found the biggest snail Ive ever seen in my life. What a great way to finish our time at Epcot!


  1. O Erie Berry, Lets go back, we had soooo much fun. We were just starting to get into Disney the lat few days we were there! We still have a lot to experience. Great post love.

    1. camma bear, i can't wait to go back. we need to go for a month! there is still so much left to see and do. i love you.


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