Our honeymoon. Our Disney honeymoon. Our Disneymoon. Where to start? Just like with the wedding, I’m still trying to process everything about our honeymoon. I wish we could have stayed there forever - of course, that’s a wish I have every time I go to Disney. Looking back, our Disneymoon was everything I could have hoped it to be. I knew we’d made a right choice in going to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon. I always said before we went - and I hold true to this saying even more now that we’re back - that I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else in the world for our first time away as husband and wife. Why would anyone want to spend time anywhere else in the world after the wedding then at Walt Disney World!?

Our honeymoon was as perfect as perfect can get. The first day we were there presented us with the most struggle/annoyance but, after that, we were back on track to the most perfect honeymoon we could have hoped for. The weather was excellent - we were so worried that it was going to be scorching hot because, let's face it, we were in Florida in the middle of July. But it never really got above seventy-five degrees the whole time we were there. There were a few things that we had planned that we wound up not having time for because we were either sleeping (we were so exhausted the first part of the trip from the wedding and the second part from all the walking!), or we just wanted to stay in the parks. So we didn’t get to go to a water park, we didn’t get to go putt-putting, and we didn’t get do the parasailing. But besides those three things we didn’t get to do, we did everything else we planned on doing and more!

Our resort was awesome - it was fun to explore a new Disney hotel with my husband. But it was HUGE like it was almost too big, to be honest. Which was a downside I kept reading about the hotel on the internet and thought, “Oh, those people are just whining, ” but they actually weren’t. Thankfully, because we request a preferred room, our room was right next to the bridge that took us over the water to the food court/gift shop and was also right next to the bus stop. The resort was so huge it had its own busing system on top of the Disney buses to get everywhere else. However, it was beautiful and they weren’t lying when they called it the Caribbean Beach Resort. It had awesome beaches, everything was painted such bright colors, the main pool was pirate fort themed (it was cool to look at but we actually never had a chance to go swimming in it), and each hotel complex themselves had their own pool (which we did get to swim in one time but we only stayed for thirty minutes). Our room had a king sized bed - AMAZING - and was Finding Nemo themed, which I loved. The grounds were well manicured and the room was always nice and clean. The food was delicious at the resort and they had a lot to choose from - they also had the best blueberry muffins I've ever had in my life. We stocked up on them almost every night. It was an excellent resort to kicking off our exploration of all the Disney hotels (every time we go, we’re going to try to stay in a different Disney resort, at least once and for at least one night).

We absolutely got treated like honeymooners. From special desserts to VIP seating for fireworks to front row seats on rides...it was magical. There were a ton of other bride and grooms there (they were obvious to spot because, like us, they had bride and groom mouse ears on too). And apparently a lot of people got married on our wedding date - 07.13.13 - as we were told by multiple other cast members, but despite how many other honeymooners might have been there, we were made to feel as if we were the only ones.

We really took our time when we were in the parks, doing rides we’d never done, enjoying new foods, meeting characters new and old, seeing shows, and just enjoying the moment. Of course, you get caught up in the rush of everyone else, but when we’d find ourselves running around, we’d take a step back and remember that we were in Disney. We were spending our honeymoon at The Most Magical Place On Earth. I can’t believe how amazing our honeymoon was, how perfect it was, and how quickly it ended! I can’t wait to go back again - Disney really is my happy place, especially when I’m there with my husband!