Day One - Arriving for our Disneymoon!

After being on a high from the amazingness as our wedding, naturally we expected that to continue over into our Disneymoon...and it seemed like it was going to. Our plane left early on Sunday morning (like, 645AM early, so we had to be at the airport by 445AM!), and the pilot must have had a lead foot (or hand…?) because instead of the usual two hours and fifteen minutes it takes to get from Columbus to Florida, it took him one hour and forty-five minutes. We were able to check into our resort right when we arrived - five and half hours earlier than the usual check-in time. Immediately after we unpacked, we headed over to our resorts food court before we needed to leave to get to our "spa retreat" we booked. That's when it went downhill. We had to take a bus from our hotel to Downtown Disney to transfer to another bus that would take us to the hotel that we were getting our couples massage at. So, of course, the buses were running behind and we wound up being TWO HOURS LATE for our scheduled spa time. Then the coupon we had for 15% off the price of the spa package wasn't accepted because “they weren’t actually affiliated with Disney”. (We had to pick that spa we did because it just so happened that all the other spa's on the property were under renovation!). We still were able to get use our reservation, but it’s not like we could really enjoy it because we were so ticked off and just couldn't relax. The stupid thing was that if we had of had our own car, it would have only taken us five minutes to get from our hotel to the hotel our appointment was at. >:|

We were going to go putt-putting after the spa, but we were tired and watched to rest...so after we paid way more than we should have for what we got at the spa, we headed back out to catch another bus back to Downtown Disney to catch our resorts bus...and guess what? It was TWO HOURS LATE...AGAIN! That meant by the time we got back to our room we had about ten minutes to get ready before we had to head out to the Magic Kingdom resort area for our fancy dinner. No time for a shower, no time for a nap...nothing. We only had time to change (even with the lotions and oils still on our skin from the spa). We changed and hopped on a bus to the Magic Kingdom and then took the monorail to the Grand Floridian and made it with about five minutes to spare for dinner. We ate at Narcoossees, the fanciest restaurant I have never been in in my life! They had amazing bread, good sangria (and I don’t like alcohol)...but that’s where it ended for me. My dinner, a spinach and cheese ravioli, was so gross and there were so many mystery vegetables on the plate (fuzzy things, strange colored things, things that had spikes…) that I couldn’t manage to eat it. So I ate more bread. Husband loved his meal - it was blackened fish with rice and he is still raving about it being the best meal he had to this day! I'm glad he enjoyed it because we did that restaurant for in him the first place. We got our dessert to go because we were both so physically and mentally exhausted by that point. We took the transportation back to the hotel, and when we got back to our room there was a gift set waiting for us that my mom and brother had bought. It had champaign, embroidered wine glasses, chocolate, and bride and groom mouse ears! We were asleep by 10PM!

Day Two - At the Magic Kingdom!

We woke up refreshed - and clean! - and ready to go for our first real day at the parks! We had a 9AM breakfast at Cinderella Castle (our first character meet/meal), so we rode the bus and made it to the Magic Kingdom in about fifteen minutes. We even got early entrance to the park before it opened! I can’t even express the amazingness that is being on Main Street USA and it being empty. It was such a crazy feeling! We took our timing strolling up to the castle and let it all sink it...we were in Walt Disney World! On our honeymoon! As husband and wife!

We got to the castle, waited for our time, met Cinderella in the parlor then we were seated. Our seats were excellent - right by the window to look out over the Kingdom. We were given a sword and a wand, plus wishing stars (these items are usually only granted to kids, but we got some too because it was our honeymoon). The “traditional” breakfast was delicious (sausage, bacon, potatoes, eggs, pastries, and fantastic orange juice) was accompanied by more princesses - Snow White, Aurora, and Jasmine! I was so excited to see Jasmine as I haven’t seen her since I was about nine. Because of this breakfast, we also got to see Cinderella and Aurora’s new looks - I approve of them so much. Our seat also had a view of Beast’s Castle. It was my first time seeing it since the Fantasyland expansion and I was so excited! I started crying during breakfast because when the narrator came on and said to make a wish on our wishing stars, I told hubby “All my dreams have come true!”...and of course, he recorded it on camera even though I told him not to! ;P

We expected to spend the entire day at the Magic Kingdom. After breakfast, we went to the front of the park, got to meet Mickey Mouse and participate in Long Lost Friends Week, where we got to meet Dr. Faciliar and Louis, both from The Princess and the Frog! I almost died as that is one of my top three favorite princess movies (I never got to meet Tiana, unfortunately...every time she was out, we had just missed them closing the line and, of course, they wouldn’t let us in). We rode the train - something we hadn’t done in YEARS - then made it through Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Adventureland before it started to pour down rain! Being our first full day at a park, we weren’t entirely prepared for it, so we got soaked to the bone. (Even though we were expecting the afternoon storm, as hubs had lived in Florida for two years and we were quite accustomed to the summer rain showers)! It was almost evening, and since we’d used our dining plan for breakfast and had a snack, and were still so incredibly exhausted, we decided to head back to our resort. We grabbed dinner at our resort food court and then came back to our room only to find another gift waiting for us! There was a signed picture of Mickey and Minnie that said "Have A Magical Honeymoon!", towels with our names on them, chocolate, a dozen red roses, and the most beautiful red and yellow rose petals all over our room and on our bed in the shape of a heart! There was also a box that had bath stuff (like lotion and body wash) that smelled so good. I started crying when I saw it all - it was so magical. We took hot showers to shake off the cold rain and were in bed and asleep by 10PM again. I mean, when you have a king bed, it kind of just sucks you in!

Day Three - Hooray for Epcot!

It is our favorite park out of all four parks, and we were excited for day three to be an Epcot day! We got there right when it opened and were able to hit up all the rides in Future World in about an hour and a half! My favorite ride of all time is Spaceship Earth - located inside the geodesic sphere - and that was definitely the first ride we did! We also went on Universe of Energy, something we’d never done, and checked out the remodeled Test Track...and we love it! So many people bash the new Test Track but I love the new look, and it actually fits its location in Epcot in Future World. It was so much fun, and we like the new Test Track a thousand times more than the old one. Before we headed to World Showcase, we met some more characters - Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto!

We had decided that for our lunch when we were at Epcot that we were going to “Eat Around The World.” So we started at Mexico (we always go left to right at the World Showcase as so many people typically go right to left). We did the Gran Fiesta Tour ride and then had some churros. Then we went to Norway - my second favorite pavilion - to rode Maelstrom and got a frosted pretzel with almonds (which were actually kind of gross). We made our way to China, where we got egg rolls, which were delicious, and although I didn’t get to meet her, I got to see Mulan. She walked right by us and told us congratulations on our marriage! I almost passed out...I get so worked up over the characters! Finally, it was time for Germany, husband's favorite pavilion because half is genetics is German, where we got hubby’s favorite...bratwurst with sauerkraut. We also picked up the biggest bierstein ever for a keepsake for him. We checked out Italy (the least impressive pavilion in my opinion) and grabbed some candy as our food item, which also turned out to be the grossest candy we’ve ever had - it tasted like soap!

We checked out the America Pavilion where we finally got to watch the American Adventure show - it was really cool! We also got to see the Voices of Liberty singing, and they were amazing. We picked up some "rock" candy as our American food because, whether or not that is truly American, it's something I remember being fascinated with as a child! Afterward, it was time to make our way back to the front of the park to get to the Coral Reef Restaurant for dinner. It started pouring down rain, though, so we skipped through the rest of the pavilions. On our way, we were stopped by a cast member and at first, I was like, “What’s this guy up to!?” He asked if we were staying for Illuminations, the fireworks show, and we said yes. He explained that the area behind him was VIP seating for the show and that he was in charge of selecting a handful of people to be given the opportunity to sit there to watch the show and he picked us! He said “You look like two good, trustworthy people, and I'd like to ask you if you’d like to be our VIP’s and have reserved seating for the show.” Of course we took him up on that offer! He was so sweet and so kind. I'm glad we stopped because we got excellent seats for the show without having to worry about finding them ourselves!

We headed to Coral Reef Restaurant, drenched again in the rain even though we had ponchos by this point, and had a delicious dinner. I have been adverse to seafood my whole life, but hubs slowly got me into it through sushi (however I only eat cooked sushi, never raw!). He also had fish tacos at one of our favorite restaurants one time that was made with mahi-mahi fish, and I've been obsessed with that fish ever since. Well, being at the Coral Reef Restaurant, it’s all seafood...so we got an awesome appetizer plate that included crab cakes - a seafood item I'm particularly fond of - and some amazing bread again. Our entrees were, you guessed it, mahimahi with jasmine rice (mine) and blackened swordfish with mussels (husbands). I have never enjoyed fish so much in my life. I would have devoured all of it if it wasn’t for all the bread and crab cakes I'd had before! Needless to say, at that moment, my taste buds became a little more accepting of seafood!

After dinner, we repeated some of our favorite rides in Future World - Living With The Land, Spaceship Earth, Test Track. This time going around the rest of the World Showcase, we didn't get any food from the other pavilions - we'd just finished dinner and weren't hungry, so we saved doing the "other half" for the next time we went to Epcot. We rode the boat to the back of the pavilion where we wandered around the Morocco pavilion and quickly browsed both the Japan and France pavilion before walking around the England pavilion...where we bought WAY too much tea (but it’s all so tasty)! After England, we headed to our VIP seating for the show. It was incredible, and the narrator for the show is my favorite voice over actor of all time, Jim Cummings! It also happened to be Extra Magic Hours that night, so after lightly skimming the last pavilion, Canada, we again hit our favorite Future World rides. It was a magical day at Epcot...we spent SIXTEEN hours there! We made it back to our hotel and crashed...after that stressful first day, our second and third day were absolutely magical.


  1. WOW!!! That was crazy! Love it!

  2. Woah, such a lovely blog post. It looks like you had a magical time. I'm excited to read about the next few days of your honeymoon. :)

    1. thanks so much! i am trying to work on the next few posts now but it's hard to find time to sit and remember all the details of our honeymoon while trying to finish up my last semester of college as well! after having to write papers all the time, it's hard to find the motivation to write, what i know will be, a super long blog post!


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