We had a ball at our reception! If it wasn’t obvious at the ceremony that Disney inspired our wedding, it certainly was at the reception. We had a lot of people make comments that our wedding “turned out to be entirely different from what they thought it was going to be.” Meaning when we said it was Beauty And The Beast themed, they must have thought it was going to be childish and kitschy. *He who hath such little faith!* Our wedding was inspired by the romance and style of Beauty And The Beast! Of course, I knew no one would see it the way I did in my head until it was executed...then people “got it.” Don’t judge a book by its cover!

We had sprinkles of Disney all over the place, but it was never in your face. For example, the music played during dinner was Disney love songs, our champaign glasses had Belle and the Beast on them. We had a framed picture of all the Disney couple’s names - including our own - on the cake table, and our cake topper was a rose in a glass dome. It was done tastefully and wound up looking exactly as I knew it would! I am so so so happy that what I saw in my head wasn’t an exaggerate hope but was something we were able to achieve and accomplish!

Our wedding party made their grand entrance to “I'm A Believer” by Smash Mouth...fitting since it talks about fairytales (albeit the song came from the non-Disney animated film Shrek). We had the most delicious food that I've ever tasted at a wedding, even if that sounds a bit biased! Our first dance was to “Beauty and the Beast” by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson and, while we didn’t get to do much dancing after that, the DJ was fantastic, the music was great, and people enjoyed themselves on the dance floor! Our popcorn bar was a HUGE hit and by the time we and the wedding party got to the reception - an hour after everyone else (we had allotted that hour for pictures and the guests at the banquet hall had an h’orderves and music hour) - the popcorn was already half gone! It’s a good thing we’d stashed small bags of it the night before the wedding for ourselves because we didn’t come home with any! People were so quizzical of the popcorn bar when we first mentioned it (we wanted to do something original, not cliche like a candy bar) but, clearly, they loved it!

We wound up going outside for more pictures in the middle of the reception, so the time we had set aside to visit with guests and to dance was given up. I'm really disappointed about that, but we tried our best to make everything work, and we had to do what we had to do. After pictures outside in almost ninety degree weather, we came back into a reception and I got to change into my "getaway" dress and glittery heels (I wore flats under my wedding dress). Hubby and I got to enjoy one final dance of the night that turned into a “circle of love”, as we like to call it. Meaning our parents wound up jumping into our was so much fun and such a special moment! 

We had a grand exit from the reception as we made our way to our decorated car  - it was something I really wanted to happen, and I loved all the writing and ribbons and balloons! We got to drive away feeling so immensely loved, and exhausted. But we couldn’t rest because we had an afterparty to host!

I'm so glad we had the forethought to do an afterparty because now looking back and seeing that we didn’t have time to visit guests, I am happy we offered a party for those who chose to take us up on it. And way more people came to it than we expected! We especially did it for the out-of-town folk, which they all seemed to enjoy! We enjoyed pizza, had good conversation, opening our wedding gifts, and it was just happiness all around. Because we had a morning wedding and an afternoon reception, it was nice to have the evening to wind down being surrounded by our closest family and feeling so loved. And while all the guests had left by 9PM, we didn’t get to bed until 1AM...and we had to be up to head to the airport at 4AM for our plane that left at 6AM the day after our wedding! Going on three hours of sleep and experiencing so many emotions, to only getting four hours of sleep the next night and spending the morning traveling to say the least! But we were on that wedding/honeymoon “high,” so we didn’t really realize how tired we were until after it was all said and done. ;P


  1. I cant wait to see where life takes us my love. And we did make our dreams come true! As you said WE made our happily ever after. I Love Love Love Love you soooooooo much!!!!!

    1. i LOVE YOU so much my sweet and amazing husband! :) i can't wait to see what the future holds either. :D


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