I can’t believe it’s already been a month since we got married! Honestly, I have cried a few times in these past few weeks over the fact that everything we planned and prepared for two years is over. I've kind of been feeling “lost,” in the sense that I had this big huge life event happening for so long and now it’s come and gone as quickly as you breathe. It’s like, “What now?” I equate the feeling to standing on a train platform, waiting and waiting for the train to arrive and then it just speeds on by without stopping and you don’t quite grasp what happened at first.

The entire two years we were planning, people kept saying that something would go wrong on the wedding day and to not stress about it because we’d be the only ones that knew it. But nothing did! I mean, there were a few minor things - like during the ceremony, our officiant accidently said my grandpa was my husband's grandpa during the moment of silence (which she quickly corrected). But nothing tragic like one of the kids crying down the aisle, or me tripping in my gigantic gown, or the food being gross. In the truest sense of the word, our wedding day was PERFECT.

Looking back, I am so proud of the work my husband and I put into our wedding. We absolutely, positively had the wedding of our dreams. It looked exactly as I imagined it in my head, everything went as scheduled (yes, we did have an actual schedule written up for the day), we had awesome pictures and excellent videos, and all our vendors rocked. Our flowers were gorgeous, our wedding party was fantastic, and all of our guests had a great time. Also, the popcorn bar was HIT and by the time the wedding party got to the reception, half of it was already gone!

I am proud to say that the two biggest events I've ever planned (our wedding shower and our wedding) was executed exactly as I prepared for it to be. I really do enjoy planning and designing, and I absolutely got to explore that interest these past two years. I'm slowing getting out of my PWD (post wedding depression) and am looking forward to our next big event - our first home. I can’t wait to start renovating and decorating and all the workings that go into making a house a home. But first, I need to finish my final semester of college! ;P

It’s hard for me that our future is so...mysterious...especially since, for a long time, we had a set date and a goal to work for with the wedding. Now we’ve achieved and completed it, there's nothing else that's really set in stone. Who knows when we'll get full-time jobs or have children? I have a hard time not knowing things...but I'm excited. Our life together thus far has been a dream come true - a fairytale, if you will. :D And I know from here on out, as husband and wife, it will be nothing less than amazing and fun and challenging. It will all be worth it.

07.13.13 was our wedding day. That was the day we took vows and made promises to each other that we would be together forever, as partners in this thing we call life. After spending six years with my guy, I could never imagine that my love would get deeper for him...but on the day that I became his wife, it did. I never thought that I'd get that actually get that storybook kind of love...and I did. I'm living it. And I'm so glad that out of everything that’s ever happened in my life, I have been blessed to find my true love so young (I was 16, and he was 17), that we got to have our perfect wedding and that we get to spend the rest of forever together. We’re so honored that so many people spent our wedding day with us and felt so loved by so many people that day, to know there are so many others who support and believe in our love too.

His love makes life that much sweeter and I cannot imagine being without him, living without him. I can’t believe I'm actually his wife and he’s actually my husband (I'm still not used to our new titles - it’s so weird!). A frequent reoccurrence said to us from our guests on our wedding day was, “Finally!” Yeah yeah, we know...but we’re glad to FINALLY be married too.