What can I say about our wedding ceremony!? For one thing, I don’t remember it at all! Nothing else in the world mattered the second that I was at the altar, holding the hands of my husband-to-be, looking into his eyes and knowing that we were being joined as one. Dedicating ourselves to each other forever. What I do remember is thinking how long the ceremony was going on...I couldn’t wait to say my vows!

Everything was fantastic. The ceremony was probably around twenty-five minutes. The little ones in the wedding party did so amazingly - we were so proud! No one freaked out, no one passed out, no one fidgeted or sat down or anything. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to stand by our side that day. The wedding party consisted of siblings, cousins and best friends. There were five girls plus the flower girl and five boys plus the ring bearer. I can’t believe how well it all turned out - I knew how I wanted things to look in my head and I am so happy and relieved that it did!

What can I say about the church!? A beautiful 1800’s church with huge stained glass windows, a center aisle (which modern churches don't really have anymore) and an old bell that we got to ring because we were the bride and groom? Yes please! We didn’t even need to decorate the church - no pew bows, no aisle runners...all we did was add to vases of flowers, the church had their candles lit, and the flower girl scattered her petals, and we called it a day. The beauty of the old church was enough that it needed nothing else! As I mentioned, we got to ring the old church bells after the ceremony was over and it was such a cool experience, which was followed by our grand exit. We passed out mini bells for everyone to ring (instead of birdseed, glitter or bubbles) and it was so much fun hearing the bells ring with the old church bells going! We got to come down the beautiful sweeping steps from the front of the church and be surrounded by the sounds of those we love. Husband made sure to dip me on the top of the steps for a kiss too!

I loved every second of our ceremony. The Reverend that married us was beyond amazing - we’ve had so many compliments on how she performed the best marriage ceremony people have heard. It was just the right balance of modern and traditional. We couldn’t have asked for a more amazing woman to work with and to join us together as husband and wife. Also, I am so glad we hired a videographer for the day so we can relive those moments over and over again. Especially to HEAR those moments over and over again.

Our ceremony was straight out of a fairytale story!