It's wedding shower time!

We decided to do a couple things with it...
  • Couples: We went with a couple's shower because, like everything else in our relationship, we believe in being a team. So to us, it didn't make sense that *I* would get a shower and *he* wouldn't, since all of the stuff I'd be getting is for *our* future and it's things *we* picked. It just made perfect sense to make our wedding shower a family type of event, and we're all about gathering people together. So, for our lifestyle, a couple's wedding shower was right, and I'm so glad we did it that way! I couldn't have imagined spending the day without fiance by my side - after all, this wedding is for us! It was so much fun to have our entire wedding party there, both ladies and gents. We loved allowing everyone to be a part of our special moments.
  • Theme: Why did we go with a Mickey and Minnie themed shower? Well, for obvious reasons...but I had also read somewhere that the theme of your shower should be that of where you're going to for your honeymoon. Mickey and Minnie were a perfect idea for us, but you'd be surprised how hard it is to plan an "adult" disney party. I had to do a lot of improvising with the decor - I also didn't want it to be in your face, so we mostly stuck to colors and patterns of Mickey and Minnie (like red, yellow, black, and polka dots). The only things that were clearly Mickey and Minnie were our shower invites and a few pieces here and there, like a pair of balloons we had.
  • Planning: We did it ourselves! I know, I know...how dare we. But when you want things done the way you want them done, you do them yourself, right? We knew exactly what we wanted, how we wanted it to look and how to go about executing it...so, why WOULDN'T we plan it! We took care of making the decor, mailing the invites, and everything else in between. I'm too much of a worrier to have handed it off to someone else! We had excellent help from my mom, my aunt, and our best friends when planning the shower, but we took most of it on ourselves!
I have finally gotten around to posting pictures from the day! It went off without a hitch - the decorations looked amazing, people were engaged in the games, and there was plenty of delicious food! We took video of the day too, which is so fun. Below you'll find our favorite memories - pictures of the invites that I made, the decorations we created ourselves, the wonderful friends who helped us get ready and just overall the fantastic day that it was!

PS: Can you tell the inspiration for mine and fiance's outfits? ;)