I'm obsessed with Disney, and I'm a bookworm...so what happens when those two things collide? I absolutely devour anything that is in book form and has to do with Disney. I would love to share my favorite Disney x Books for anyone else who is looking to get lost in the written world of Disney.

Kingdom Keepers Series

This is a fantasy novel series by Ridley Pearson, of (soon to be) seven books. The first four taking place at the Walt Disney World, the fifth and six on the Disney Cruise Line and the seventh at Disneyland. I stumbled upon this series when I was in the Orlando International Airport, flying home from a spring break of visiting fiance when he lived in Florida for college. I was looking at the Disney Store they have in the airport and I picked up these books. At first I wasn't sure about the books because they looked to be very kid-directed. But I read the first few pages and was hooked! I bought the first book, Disney After Dark, and started reading it while I was waiting for my plane. I continued reading it on the plane, and had it finished by the time I landed two hours and fifteen minutes later in Ohio. My mom was picking me up from the Columbus International Airport, so we made a stop at the bookstore on the way home so I could buy the second and third books, Disney At Dawn and Diseny In Shadow, I've been obsessed ever since and waiting for the fourth, Power Play and fifth, Shell Game, books to come out was dreadful! I just purchased the sixth one, Dark Passage, so now it's another years wait for the final installment. I'm heartbroken to see the series end but I am crossing my fingers, toes, nose hoping they'll make a movie series out of these books. There have been weird rumors about other movies with similar plots, and the author himself has said no film...yet. While this series is incredibly descriptive, and it's helpful if you've already been to WDW, it's still a good book if you haven't (for example, I've never been on a Disney Cruise, but that doesn't mean it's hard for me to understand the two novels that take place on one).


A hysterical "guide" book of sorts by Bill Burke about Walt Disney World. I absolutely fell in love with this book and can't wait for an updated edition that talks about all the new things that are going on at WDW. I gulped this book up in a few days - I just could not put it down! It was literally as if the author took everything I think and feel about Disney and wrote it down for me. He even talked about the particular smell the water at Walt Disney World has (something I talk about a lot)! There were so many times I saw the book on my local bookstore's shelf and thought, "Should i get that? I've read so many guidebooks about WDW already..." and after two years of picking up and putting down the book, I finally bought it with the mindset of "Who cares what i know already, I could always use another book!" I can't believe I waited two years to read it - what was I thinking? It is seriously one of the best Disney books I've read.

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World

A fantastic guidebook for Walt Disney World by Susan Veness. There is also a Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World Planning Guide that is out, which I scooped up as soon as I saw it too! I love all the secrets she has included and how she makes a point to tell you about things that can often get overlooked while one is traipsing through Walt Disney World. This book literally takes you step by step through the entire WDW resort, and her descriptions are so vivid that it's almost like you're there...almost. ;P

Dream Factory

One of the very first fictional novels I've ever read about Walt Disney World by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler. My copy is absolutely tattered by so many reads. It takes place through two people, a boy, and a girl, who spend the summer working at WDW (one plays Cinderella, one plays Chip - or Dale, I can't remember). The chapters alternate between the two. I remember when I stumbled across this while in my high school's library...I have no idea how I found it, but I picked it up and said "I recognize that shoe" and that was that. I took it home, read it, returned it to the library, and went to the bookstore to buy it. It embodies what it's like to be a teenager, what it's like to be at Walt Disney World and it's like to be in Florida during summer. I'm not sure what the inspiration for this novel was (Disney College Program perhaps?), but it's a fun, quick read.

Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Guide

This is an fantastic book - it comes out yearly with the most up to date information for the parks. I had a copy from 1999 and one from 2009, and it's fun to see the changes in the parks. Naturally I bought the 2013 one since it's an important year for me. ;P This is a general guidebook and is excellent for anyone who has never been to Walt Disney World. I like to purchase it just because I like to see what's new at WDW during those years I can't go. It's the best Disney guidebook I've ever used.