The second to last day of spring break, fiance and I decided to go on a date! It's pretty rare lately that we get to do so, what with him looking for a job, me still in college and a wedding and honeymoon to prepare for in just a few months. But we hadn't done anything in awhile, and dates are always excellent ways to remember why you love the person you're with (not that I'd ever forget!). <3

We decided to go to the Franklin Park Conservatory because they were having a special exhibit about Brazilian butterflies which made it the perfect time to visit. The FPC is one of my favorite places ever - I've been going my entire life, and it's such a fun place. It was also enjoyable to be someplace where all the plants were alive (instead of dead, like how everything outside still currently is...though we have seen some flowers starting to sprout up a little!).

I really enjoyed testing out my new camera that fiance bought me as a present for our honeymoon! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful man like him - and I am in love with my new camera! I've actually missed taking photographs.

The Franklin Park Conservatory is one of my favorite places in Columbus to go. I've been so many times - it never gets boring, and they always have some kind of neat exhibit going on. The best time to go is in the winter because being around living plants really gives you a pick me up! It's funny, I've lived in Columbus my whole life, and I feel like there's so much left to discover. But I just can't help returning to those good old places that I enjoy so much!


  1. That was a really fun day lover!

    I look forward to doing thins like this all the time in Nashville, We always have fun together.

    =) <3

    1. i adore you and can't wait to see where life takes us! :)


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