I thought I'd take a moment to explain why we picked our wedding date  - July 13, 2013. There are a few reasons we chose it, and before you ask, no, we don’t believe that 13 is an unlucky number!

We were originally going to get married on our anniversary date - which is March 3rd (2007). However, the only time March 3rd fell on a Saturday was in 2012, and since we got engaged in May of 2011, there was no way we were ready to plan a wedding that quickly and we wanted to enjoy being engaged. I wanted to be as close to finished with college as possible (I'll only have one semester left after we get married) and fiance was working on his Master's Degree at the time too, so it just wouldn’t have worked. Plus, we decided that for our married life, we wanted to have a brand new anniversary date because we’re starting a new season in life together. Our favorite month is July, our favorite season is summer, so we looked at the dates that were on Saturday and decided on the second weekend in July.

We picked July 13th, 2013 for a couple reasons. We liked how it looked numerically, for one. It’s right in the middle of summer, which will make the summer season that much more fun to celebrate for the rest of our lives. Also, the way the date looks - 07/13/13 - is our way of nodding to our current anniversary date - 03/03/07.

After the wedding planning was fully in the works, I came to find out a big, beautiful surprise - Walt Disney married his wife on July 13th (1925). I'm pretty sure I screamed loudly when I found that out. I honestly had no idea when we settled on our wedding date that Mister Disney had also married on that date, so it brought me to tears to find that out because it really felt as if it was a sign (and I believe in signs!) that it was meant to be.

It just all made sense as for why we picked 07/13/13. All those things mentioned about...how much more perfect could it be for me to share a wedding date with the person who's influenced my life the most, and the fact that we’re going to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon!? It just feels like it was meant to be. We love the wedding date that we picked and are so excited to get married! It’s been a long time coming.